35 minutes | May 18, 2021

81. Liquidity in Commercial Real Estate with Jim Shevlin, CWCapital and RealINSIGHT

In this guest episode, Jim Shevlin, President and COO at CWCapital and RealINSIGHT joins the team to have a conversation about liquidity in the commercial real estate market. Jim walks us through what he is seeing in terms of transaction volume, compares the current market to other financial crises, and dives into the thought process of special servicers who had to manage an influx of hotel loans. We also discuss what will happen to the office and retail markets. Episode Notes: • Auction marketplace and process (3:06) • Vibe check: managing a special servicing company during covid (5:10) • Liquidity in the CRE market (7:05) • Comparison to other financial crises (8:33) • Hotels in special servicing (11:07) • What is happening to office? (15:00) • Retail after the pandemic (21:59) • Multifamily: will we see the same trends as in single-family homes? (26:13) • Real estate infrastructure and software (27:30) • Where is the distress? (32:04) Questions or comments? Contact us at podcast@trepp.com. Follow Trepp: Twitter: twitter.com/TreppWire LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/trepp-llc Facebook: www.facebook.com/TreppLLC
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