39 minutes | Jul 5, 2021

The racing games YOU would like to return | S02E06

We enlisted YOUR help to decide the racing games YOU think should return. In this podcast episode, we discuss the games that the Traxion community replied with upon asking the question. 

From Diddy Kong Racing to Ridge Racer and everything in-between, we had a shedload of incredible answers that sent us straight down memory lane, and some that resulted in a quick Google search as we frantically tried to remember obscure titles from the past... 

We discuss some of the answers that caught our eye, and then run down the top-seven games that Traxion followers voted for. 

Listen to the episodes to find out where your suggestion landed, and feel free to let us know via @TraxionGG on social media if you’ve thought of some more ideas. 

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For more on previous racing games, visit: https://traxion.gg/tag/modern-classics/

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