90 minutes | Jun 21, 2021

Ep. 50: “I’m a Celebrity, Duh” (Bad Girls Club Season Judi) w/ Special Guest Robyn Werk

Happy 50th (official) Episode to The Trash!!!  For this Nifty 50 we watched Bad Girls Club (the one’s with Judi).Listen as Sarah and Nate and Robyn Chop it up about:Drake Bell Jared ConnectionRicky Martin hates OprahKim K. Can’t let goLogan Paul gets knocked tf out!Cancel Kid RockEllie Kemper’s PublicistSarah loves 9/11R. Kelly Lawyers saying “bye, felicia”Nate doesn't know the difference between Camille Cosby and Clair HuxtableBad Girls ClubJudiMostly JudiRemember to Subscribe to our Podcast wherever you listen to it, if you haven’t.  Feel free to leave a rating or review as well.  Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @trashy_podcast.  Follow Robyn on Twitter and Instagram @Gingerlogicz.We Love you…Stay Trashy! Support the show (https://patreon.com/thetrashpodcast)
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