107 minutes | Jan 18, 2021

Ep. 36: “The Kids Will Not Be All Right” (Jon & Kate + 8 Season 1) w/ Special Guest Kevin Wong

This week we watched Jon & Kate + 8  w/ Comedian and Producer Kevin Wong.Listen as Sarah, Nate and Kevin dish it up about:-The weeknd- punching betty white- chris angel's dick- magicians have shitty names- kanye and kim- armie hammer cannibalism- funeral fantasies- goop's vag candles- kate plus date- merchRemember to Subscribe to our Podcast wherever you listen to it, if you haven’t.  Feel free to leave a rating or review as well.  Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @trashy_podcast.  Check out Kevin’s hilarious work here https://www.kevinwongcomedy.com We Love you…Stay Trashy! Support the show (https://patreon.com/thetrashpodcast)
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