41 minutes | Oct 7, 2021

Building Out Custom Vans And Popup Shops on Wheels with Sarah Van Ells, Co-Founder of The Van Plan & Hustle Trucks

On the following episode of the Transition, I'm joined by Sarah Van Ells, A Military Spouse and Co-Owner of The Van Plan, a company that does custom van builds accessible for everyone. Sarah opens up about running the Van Plan alongside her husband and how they’ve expanded their offerings into a new line of business called Hustle Trucks. Subscribe to the Transition Newsletter on Substack here: https://bit.ly/37Bb8Ne I release a newsletter every Tuesday, and a podcast every Thursday. You can leave a comment about each episode on Substack, and if you have any questions about your own venture, post that as well. I'm always looking for content and would love to learn what you all are struggling with in your own ventures. Sarahs Ventures: The Van Plan: https://www.thevanplan.co/ Hustle Trucks: https://www.hustletrucks.co/ Tune into Office Hours In addition, we're also hosting Live-Weekly Office hours for you every Tuesday on Linkedin, Facebook, and Youtube at 11 AM EST. If you find yourself stuck, have questions about Bunker Labs programming, or just want to get some tips and advice for your venture, tune into Office Hours. It's hosted by yours truly, along with other members of the Bunker Labs Marketing Team, as well as guest SME's and other members from around the community. Get Connected with Bunker Labs If you want to get plugged into the Bunker Labs ecosystem, visit www.BunkerLabs.org, select a city nearest to you, sign up for the local newsletter, and attend one of our networking events. It’s that simple. From there be sure to get connected in Bunker Online, where you can learn about our many different programs to support your entrepreneurial journey. We have programs that will take you from idea to invoice, incubate you, and position you to grow alongside other founders and CEOs. Register today by clicking connect at Bunkerlabs.org
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