14 minutes | Mar 5, 2021

How to become more resilient and succeed in work and life

NEW *FREE* Personal Resilience Planner - download here.Tougher Minds Founder Dr. Jon Finn explains how we can all become more resilient so we feel better and do better in work and life.Think... doubling productivity, being 100% confident, getting more hours of quality sleep and cutting stress in half.   Dr. Jon explains the key insights from behavioural science which  can help you become more mentally resilient!He explains how we can start building more helpful habits and the process our brains go through to become more resilient. Our NEW Me Power® Resilience Planner will help you to feel and do better. It'savailable now.  The new planner is FREE to download and use immediately.  Click here.Visit our Resilience training page on our website here.Visit the Tougher Minds website here.
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