12 minutes | Mar 23, 2021

Are you suffering from work burnout?

NEW *FREE* Personal Resilience Planner - download here.Feelings of burnout are increasingly common as many people struggle to balance professional and family demands. These are exacerbated by the problems with working from home, in the Covid world.In this podcast, Tougher Minds Founder Dr. Jon Finn discusses these critical issues He explains why many people can struggle to separate work and personal life; and why they are working more than they feel is healthy.Dr. Jon also explains how we can all work towards the best balance between relaxation and work, so we're super productive.He shares his scientific insight about balancing your brain states, so you can be your best.Our NEW Me Power® Resilience Planner will help you to feel and do better.It'savailable now.  The new planner is FREE to download and use immediately.  Click here.Visit our Resilience training page on our website here.
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