41 minutes | Aug 20, 2020

#3 How to nourish yourself after having your baby - with Dietitian Rachael Wilson

Hands up if you want lose baby weight?Most mothers focus on getting back to their pre-baby figure or weight, after they have had a baby. In today's episode internationally-recognised dietitian Rachael Wilson joins me to talk about how our bodies change when we have a baby, and how we can learn to embrace our new figures. Rachael believes that we should throw out all the scales and measuring units, and instead focus on nourishing ourselves in a kind way - which leads to far better results.For more information and show notes please go to www.ToughMothers.com/ep3Note: There are 2 sharp tones at 17 minutes and 23 minutes into the interview. I apologise for these and hope they don't give you a fright.
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