53 minutes | Aug 17, 2020

#2 What I learnt from my own struggle with postpartum anxiety (and why Tough Mothers exists) - with special guest, my husband Marcus

For more information please go to www.ToughMothers.com/ep2I was lying on the couch wrapped in blankets. It was December in Australia, so it was hot! Yet I was shivering; my anxiety had total control of me. My third baby was only a couple of months old, and unlike with my first two, the transition into motherhood pulled the rug out from under me. Literally.I was in the middle of a severe postpartum breakdown.In hindsight I totally see the perfect storm that was brewing. With 3 other kids under 3.5 years, no family nearby, a husband that travelled a lot for work, a terminally ill father in-law, and a baby that never slept for more than 20 minutes at a time, it was chaos.I suffered.And then I grew. And from my own personal battle Tough Mothers was born. In this very special and private interview with my husband, Marcus, we deeply discuss my own personal postnatal breakdown. We delve into what caused my breakdown, the lead up to it, and what Marcus and I implemented to not only save me, but create an amazing life for ourselves. My method made me a better mum, a better wife, a better person, and lead to the development of Tough Mothers, to support mums in a practical, evidence-based way during their challenging transition into motherhood.For more information and show notes please go to www.ToughMothers.com/ep2
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