52 minutes | Jul 6, 2021

#18 A mother’s guide to decluttering your mind and your home - with Clutter Mentalist Collette Barker

See www.ToughMothers.com/ep18 for more information, tips and this episode's show notes.“People before things. Always!”This episode of The Tough Mothers Podcast delves into the life of Clutter Mentalist (cool title!) Collette Barker. Collette is a mum of four and an ex-Plunket nurse (New Zealand's early childhood health centre), who has the amazing ability to work with your weaknesses to declutter your home and mind in the most simple way.Collette shares with us hilarious stories from her motherhood life, and how her home changed from having no babies through to her fourth baby. She generously walks us through her amazing, useful and simple decluttering tips, which we can all implement today to declutter our home and our mind.For more information, tips and this episode's show notes go to www.ToughMothers.com/ep18
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