44 minutes | May 4, 2021

#16 The Power of Positive Births - with Alana Swain

See ToughMothers.com/ep16 for more information, tips and this episode's show notes.“Motherhood ripped me apart and put me together with light”.Alana  contacted me a couple of months ago and said: “I really want to share my birth stories with you. I had two incredibly empowering births, and I feel that people don’t talk about birth being a positive experience.”I said: YES!!!!!! In this episode of the Tough Mothers Podcast Alana reveals how she prepared herself mentally for childbirth and how hypnobirthing played a big part in her birth experiences. She also tells us about how her motherhood struggle transformed her, and we delve into how every mother needs to consciously prepare herself for matrescence.For more information, tips and this episode's show notes go to ToughMothers.com/ep16 
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