44 minutes | Aug 15, 2020

#1 When postnatal/ postpartum depression hijacks your motherhood plans | Rebecca Anderson

Rebecca Anderson is mum to a spirited three year-old boy. She has lived with depression for most of her life, and thought she had the postpartum period sorted when it came to her mental health. However, after she had her baby, postnatal depression had other plans. In this episode Bec shares with us her story of deep depression and anxiety, and how she attempted to take her own life. She shares how her depression has affected her motherhood journey, and techniques she uses along the way to help herself thrive.Bec is a wonderful, bubbly woman. You wouldn’t know she is depressed. Which is why this episode is so important. You will learn why it is so critical to speak up if you are not feeling OK, how common it actually is to struggle in motherhood, and what you can do about it. This episode is not just for mothers. If you have a new mother in your family or inner circle, please listen to Bec’s story to see how integral close connections are. For show notes please go to www.ToughMothers.com/ep1
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