25 minutes | Apr 14th 2015

TIR007: My Advice for Passing the ARRT Registry Exam

As time draws closer to the end of the school year, second-year radiography students are approaching the end of their programs and are preparing for the ARRT Registry Examination.  One of the most common questions I receive from students across the country involves advice on the best methods for studying for the exam.  While there is no magic formula guaranteeing success, there are ways you can strategically approach studying to ensure you have time to revisit areas where you may need more help while minimizing burnout.  Being prepared with the right questions for your capstone course is essential to strengthening your areas of weakness in previous radiography curricula.  Without a thought-out approach with some purposeful planning, you may not be able to take the most advantage of your final semester in preparation for your exam. In this particular episode, you will learn: Materials recommended for maximizing your study time Methods for ensuring you are accurately targeting the right topics for studying What resources I recommend for success How to initiate a process to identify patterns for areas of needed improvement How often to study in the months leading up to your exam How to begin your exam with mental clarity and focus Test-taking strategy to make the most of the limited time you have to complete the exam Items mentioned in this podcast:
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