60 minutes | Mar 2, 2020

Maternal Nutrition and Depletion

On today’s episode, the squad talks about nutrition and maternal depletion. As any birthing person can tell you, pregnancy does a number on our bodies. Not only do organs literally shift their position to make room for growing a tiny human, the effects can linger long after birth. From changes in shoe size to hair texture, it’s safe to say that our bodies are never the same after baby.  Our guest today is Mirelle Leguia of Mother Nutrient. Mirelle is a holistic nutrition consultant based in Austin, TX. She graduated from Bauman College's Holistic Nutrition Program with Honors after completing her Master's in Business Administration from Southern Methodist University and her Bachelor's in Business Administration from UT Austin. Mirelle's interest in nutrition came after her own health challenges during and after her pregnancies. She left her established career in marketing to pursue her interest in women's health, specifically prenatal and postnatal nutrition. Mirelle has worked with local and international clients, helping them recover their health after having babies and teaching them about nutrient dense foods.She specializes in Paleo, WAPF and other nutrient dense diets.   Mirelle lives in south Austin with her husband Jason, son Nico, puppy Emma, eight happy backyard chickens, and is expecting her second boy via surrogacy in April. Resources: Goop: Maternal depletion even 10 years later Mother Nutrient's Nutrition Quiz Mother Nutrient on Instagram
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