37 minutes | Dec 10, 2020

Success Through Persistence

Our guest for this episode, Brandon Green, gives us a remarkable example of success through persistence and purpose.   Brandon’s leadership is informed by his international perspective and love for people combined with his formative business years growing a company during the depths of the 2008 financial crisis. The years that followed the crisis were challenged by disruption as technology-driven, venture capital back competitors entered the market.   Through all of that Brandon has become an award-winning entrepreneur with several businesses and is a nationally recognized speaker and expert on balancing success and purpose and leading with passion and practicality.   Coming from humble beginnings, Brandon had been through ups and downs yet he always took action. Having fulfilled his own vision, he now wants to reach out to aspiring entrepreneurs. Tune in with us as and learn more from Brandon’s life, career, and entrepreneurial insights.     Episode Highlights:   ●      Getting to Know Brandon Green [2:18] ●      Losing His First Job within Three Months [8:16] ●      Taking the Plunge Into Real Estate [10:15] ●      Becoming the Leader [15:12] ●      Brandon’s Search for Fulfillment [19:03] ●      Using His Experience to Help Entrepreneurs’ Visions Come to Life [23:24] ●      The Right Balance Between Success and Purpose [28:42] ●      Book Recommendations [32:36]     AND MUCH MORE!       Resources Mentioned In This Episode: ●      I believe anyone can be a leader in today’s world that’s why I’ve created a short, user-friendly book called Redefining the Top 1 Percent. Get your FREE copy by joining our Facebook Group here. Not only are you getting a free copy of my book, but you’ll also get lots of FREE training and resources on a weekly basis. ●      The go-to site is brandongreen.com whether you want to work with or learn from Brandon.  You can also get in touch with him through the site for speaking engagements or investment consultations. ●      Connect with Jay: o   Facebook o   Twitter o   Instagram o   LinkedIn ●      Book Recommendations: o   Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio o   I Am My Brand: How to Build Your Brand Without Apology by Kubi Springer     Quotes: “I had this burning desire to get out and go do something right now. And I didn’t feel that I was doing anything, sitting in class and so I didn’t last very long.” “Sometimes, what you need is a little luck on your side.” “I found out that if I did talk to about a hundred people a day, then one person would give me a chance.” “I’m not a financial planner, I’m not a CPA, I’m not a licensed attorney, I’m an entrepreneur who learned things the hard way.” “It’s one thing to cast to vision that anything is possible and that you too can have it all in your life. It’s another to back it up into something.”   Ways to Subscribe to Redefining The Top One Percent:   Apple Podcast Stitcher PlayerFM Spotify
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