40 minutes | Dec 17, 2020

Managing Millennials in the Workplace

Are you currently dealing with Millennials in your line of work? If so, then you are in for a treat as we are joined by the Millennial Whisperer, Chris Tuff. A graduate of Vanderbilt, Chris is an accomplished digital marketer, investor, business development leader, youngest partner in the history of a 100-year-old advertising agency, bestselling author, public speaker, husband, father of two, and advocate of empathy and connection.   Chris published his first book on February 12th, 2019 called “The Millennial Whisperer” (USA Today National Bestseller #2 business book) which covers how to lead what he calls “one the most misunderstood generations of all time”- Millennials.   He’s currently writing his second book titled “Save Your Asks” which is all about how to better network and sell using your currency to create more genuine connections.   Tune in with us as and learn more on how to manage millennials in the workplace to immediately boost productivity without building an office full of ping pong tables, beer kegs, and participation trophies. We also talked about inspirational leadership which is something very close to my heart. Enjoy!     Episode Highlights:   ●      The Millennial Whisherer Background [5:10] ●      Dealing with millennials in the Workplace [09:25] ●      Tips and Strategies on Inspirational Leadership[11:50] ●      Older vs. Younger Millennials  [17:00] ●      Effective Ways on Employee Engagement [19:10] ●      The Fly-Fishing Story [23:15] ●      Three-step Leadership Assessment [30:09] ●      Chris’ Upcoming Book, Save Your Asks[32:20]     AND MUCH MORE!   Resources Mentioned In This Episode: ●      I believe anyone can be a leader in today’s world that’s why I’ve created a short, user-friendly book called Redefining the Top 1 Percent. Get your FREE copy by joining our Facebook Group here. Not only are you getting a free copy of my book, but you’ll also get lots of FREE training and resources on a weekly basis. ●      Whether you want to learn more about Chris, take his assessments, and work with or learn from Chris, the go-to site is themillennialwhisperer.com.  You can also get in touch with him through the site for On-Site Workshops, Speaking Engagement, or Personal Consultation. ●      You can also grab your copy of Chris’ book, The Millennial Whisperer, and learn how to effectively manage millennials in the workplace. ●      Find out your leadership style and understand exactly how you can get the most impactful results from your teams by taking this FREE quiz. Learn more about your leadership language and discover ways to amplify your results. ●      Check out how the Three-Step Leadership Assessment works by visiting this link and taking the assessment. This Millennial Leadership Assessment gives senior and mid-level managers feedback to help them become more effective leaders of their Millennial team members. ●      The best way to connect with Chris is through his Instagram, but you can also connect with him through the following: o   Facebook o   LinkedIn   Quotes: “millennials aren’t the problems. They just expose the problems.” “Good culture is just a by-product of good leadership.” “The number one thing that millennials want is inspirational leadership and then, autonomy and transparency.” “Push it down on your people to give recognition to one another.” “Create a connection with your people and start with taking a vested interested in their lives, especially in their personal lives.” “The culture should come from your people. Don’t push the culture on them and let the sub-cultures thrive.” “You’ve got to stop comparing your insides to other people’s outsides.” “We’ve got to savor more of the small wins vs. just the champagne moments.” “Gift giving is a form of networking and currency.”   Ways to Subscribe to Redefining The Top One Percent:   Apple Podcast Stitcher PlayerFM Spotify
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