54 minutes | Feb 25, 2021

Breaking Into A 7-Figure Business with Chris Michael Harris

            Join me in this episode as I sat down and chat with Chris Michael Harris, a prominent serial entrepreneur, podcast host, and aspiring author/motivational speaker. Having founded his first business in college with his brother in their college apartment, the Harris brothers soon found their relocation/furniture installation business scaling to $1.2mm in revenue a mere 36 months later and conducting operations in 32 states across the country.               Chris is now involved with several exciting endeavors in a variety of industries. Chris is also the host of Entrepreneur Hour, a podcast that has trended as high as the top 5 worldwide under New and Noteworthy on iTunes. The show aims to provide younger/early-stage entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to take command of their futures and live an empowered life of self-employment.               With his focus on leaving the world better off than he found it, Chris is passionate about service to others. Chris believes that everyone has a talent that can be monetized. Listen and learn more about Chris’s amazing insights, ideas, actions, and belief systems that have gotten him to where he is today. Be sure to check out his website, podcast, and online programs to help you with your own entrepreneurial journey. Enjoy!   Episode Highlights:   ●       Breaking Into A 7-Figure Business [2:50] ●       Growing your Team [13:50] ●       Overcoming Health Challenges [15:40] ●       Transitioning from One Business to Another [26:50] ●       The Business Lounge [31:27] ●       Chris’ Coaching and Online Programs [34:10] ●       Startup Books [41:30] ●       Book Recommendations and More [44:40]   Resources Mentioned In This Episode: ●       I believe anyone can be a leader in today’s world that’s why I’ve created a short, user-friendly book called Redefining the Top 1 Percent. Get your FREE copy by joining our Facebook Group here. Not only are you getting a free copy of my book, you’ll also get lots of FREE training and resources on a weekly basis. ●       Get to know more about Chris and his works by visiting his website at chrismichaelharris.com. ●       Chris hosts the Entrepreneur Hour Podcast, a podcast that trended as high as Top 5 in the world on Apple Podcasts under Business, Health, and Education. Tune in weekly for some of the most impactful and actionable advice on the internet. ●       Subscribe to Chris’ Startup U Podcast; a show intended to help people with their entrepreneurial journeys and provide them with valuable insights. ●       Learn how to start + grow your online business via Chris’ StartupU Training Programs. ●       Join the Business Lounge, a full-blown mentorship program for online entrepreneurs. ●       Chris recommends the book, The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. In case you missed it, Jay was previously a guest in our show. Listen to the episode here. ●       Connect with Chris by sending him an email or through  the following: o   Facebook o   Twitter o   LinkedIn o   YouTube o   Instagram ●       Book Recommendations: o   The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan o   Choose by Ryan Levesque o   Ask by Ryan Levesque   Quotes: “Usually, people that become really good entrepreneurs, they were doing it their whole lives.” “Greatness, for whatever reason, requires this passage through hell.” “Your first real business is like your first puppy love.” “We have a terrible tendency where we tend to measure growth directly synonymous to revenue.” “You are never starting over. Even if you have a job and you’re starting a business, there’s still so much you’ve learned that directly applies.” “People like you and me, we change the world through innovation, entrepreneurship, and free market.” “We all have a unique set of skills and knowledge that can benefit the world in some way.” “It’s not about all the things; it’s about the one thing that makes the difference."     Ways to Subscribe to Redefining The Top One Percent:   Apple Podcast Castbox PlayerFM Spotify
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