15 minutes | Aug 10, 2020

Reclaiming Your Time

Why The Token Female you ask? Jennifer walks you through the Reclaim 48 principle and what it did for her. Well, at home, I’m the token female. I'm the only one that is a female, yes. I have two male dogs, three stepsons, and my husband. Then secondarily, I am almost always the only female or a limited number of one at my corporate job. Straight out of the gates out of college, I was out of a company of 2,500 sales reps. There were only 15 females, and most of us were junior reps. Nothing at any sort of executive-level seat, so I take such great pride knowing that I was surrounded by an amazing limited number of females, and we’re developed by great men along the way. The only issue is I really wish I could've looked up and seen a few female executives that I could've learned and been under their wing. I felt very alone most of my career. I had 18 great years in corporate America.
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