21 minutes | Apr 19th 2020

The Toke IV: Cáñamo, Dinero y COVID

It's 4.20.20, which means another fresh toke from your host, writer Janet Burns.

In this episode, I talk with Matt Swisher from Piecemaker about raising kids, Spannabis being cancelled,  unbreakable bongs, and cannabis hygiene in Catalonia (off-air, he recommended Moose Labs' MouthPeace for bongs for the savvy post-COVID-19 smoker).

I also share a few choice thoughts about cannabis outlets that stiff writers, high school students expelled for vapes, and Brooklyn life under quarantine. 

Many thanks to Matt, Mercedes, and everyone else at Piecemaker for your hospitality, and to Grizzly at Cannaware Society for the hook-up (and for always keeping the hand-sanitizer flowing). Have a safe and happy 4/20, everyone!

Featuring music from:

  • DRONE ("Cannabis-Laced Hot Chocolate") via FreeMusicArchive 
  • La Macha Permua ("Marijuana" solo, live) via FreeMusicArchive 
  • Legado 7 ("El Humaderon") via YouTube 
  • Cool guy playing sax on the Barcelona subway via TASCAM DR-05

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