58 minutes | Nov 1, 2020

54: The Movember Edition

This very special edition of the Time 4A Pint podcast is all about mens health, and the role that Movember plays in helping to improve it through funding research and some amazing charitable organisations. Sticking to the tried and tested Time 4A Pint formula, I got together with people who know what they’re talking about, and asked them lots of questions about the importance of growing a mo to save a bro. Steff Webb, Community Fundraising Manager at Movember took me through the how, what, why, when and where of the Movember Foundation - from beginning to present day. Shedding light on how the foundation works, what you can do to get involved, and importantly what the money raised from moustaches, moving, and mo-ing your own way, goes into. Bobby Bansal joined me to talk about his balls. Starting with an eye watering story about connecting them with the crossbar of his bicycle, and culminating with him having testicular cancer twice, and not only living to tell the tale, but doing so in front of large groups of lads, and laughing about it. Elvin Box is a prostate cancer survivor who pulled no punches in sharing his story from PSA test to surgery and beyond. A hard conversation, and a tough listen, that could help you spot the signs of prostate problems early. James Mace is a mental health advocate, who has experienced more than his share of grief, and with the help of those around him pulled through, and gone on to help others. The big takeaways from this conversation are that it is important to keep talking, everyone goes through tough times, and that as a friend, listening and being supportive are sometimes the very best things you can do. When this episode aired in 2020, listeners had the chance to win my 2019 Oris Chronoris Movember Edition, and a copy of Flores Delores and the Oris Chronoris signed by Barbara Palumbo. The raffle for these wonderful goodies raised more than £10,000 for Movember, and was won by a chap called Stuart, in the USA. Credit to https://soundcloud.com/cityfires for the use of https://soundcloud.com/cityfires/map-of-time-creative-commons
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