51 minutes | May 25, 2021

Michael Carter-Williams Orlando Magic guard

Today Orlando Magic point guard Michael Carter-Williams joins the podcast to talk about his NBA story and how his upbringing and genetics have led both him and now his brother, on the road to professional basketball.  We hear about what it takes to get there and even more, after 8 years in the league, what it takes to stay there.  

Michael talks about sharing the court with superstars like Kobe Bryant, what it was like to meet President Barack Obama, the challenges and joys of raising children in today’s world, and the issues he believes in and has used his platform to move forward.

As the leader of the Magic, Michael gives us his predictions for the months to come, the impact of the pandemic and the ongoing restrictions that have been placed on the league, the mental and physical toll on the players, the current trade of Canadian Khem Birch from the Magic to the Raptors and although being traded is a common thing in professional sports, we talk about the human side of constantly saying goodbye.   

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