76 minutes | Nov 25, 2020

BRITPOP SPECTACULAR - British Bangers Vol. 1

Back in the mid-90's there was a lot of hype around a "second British invasion" -- but outside of Oasis, Blur, and Radiohead, and a few decently sized blips on the Modern Rock radar, it never really materialized in the States. So while the folks in the U.K. were losing their minds over Pulp, Elastica, Supergrass, the Manic Street Preachers, James, and the bands that influenced them, young Bob and Dan were wandering around Pearl River wishing they had a podcast where an overseas listener could provide them with the ultimate Britpop Playlist. Lucky for them, that's exactly what happened. Enjoy this Patreonie-inspired masterpiece chock full of Listener Mail and Britpop classics. Crikey!
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