34 minutes | May 29th 2015

The Thrill: Talking nostalgia with Prozzak, and feminist films

This week, on Maclean’s pop-culture podcast—Adrian Lee, Emma Teitel and Julia De Laurentiis Johnson—we look at this moment for nostalgia in pop culture. Why is there so much of it? And is it a bad thing? To talk about it, we brought in an artist who triggered a lot of nostalgia for our hosts: James Bryan, perhaps best known as Milo of the 2000s Canadian pop duo Prozzak. Then, we’ll talk about Mad Max: Fury Road and Pitch Perfect 2. What worked—and what didn’t—in these movies receiving plenty of praise for their feminist bona fides? Subscribe for free now on iTunes! Subscribe on Stitcher! Android users can find us onBeyondpod! Or click the Soundcloud player below to listen. Check out the other podcasts on the Maclean’s network, too: Listen to our books podcast, the Bibliopod, here! And listen to our politics podcast Maclean’s On The Hill, right here! Related to what we talked about this week: Prozzak’s epic performance at the 2000 Juno Awards Download this audio. (function (d, s, n) {var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];js = d.createElement(s);js.className = n;js.src = "//player.ex.co/player/b8391b55-6a16-46a2-b625-b4a52f7d6e23";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}(document,"script", "exco-player"));The post The Thrill: Talking nostalgia with Prozzak, and feminist films appeared first on Macleans.ca.
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