42 minutes | Jun 5th 2015

The Thrill: Pop-culture lessons, and reviving the theatre

This week, on Maclean’s pop-culture podcast—hosted by Adrian Lee, Emma Teitel and Julia De Laurentiis Johnson—we talk about the things that we’ve learned from our lives engaging with pop culture, from life lessons to practical ones. Then, we’ll talk to Crystal Moselle, director of The Wolfpack, a documentary about six brothers whose horrible living situation—their father didn’t allow them outside their New York apartment—meant that everything they learned was from pop culture. Finally, we talk to Antoni Cimolino, the artistic director of the Stratford Festival, about how to make theatre appealing for young people and why it plans to digitize all its plays from this year on. Subscribe for free now on iTunes! Subscribe on Stitcher! Android users can find us on Beyondpod! Or click the Soundcloud player below to listen. Check out the other podcasts on the Maclean’s network, too: Listen to our books podcast, the Bibliopod, here! And listen to our politics podcast Maclean’s On The Hill, right here! Related to what we talked about this week: Prozzak’s epic performance at the 2000 Juno Awards Download this audio. (function (d, s, n) {var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];js = d.createElement(s);js.className = n;js.src = "//player.ex.co/player/b8391b55-6a16-46a2-b625-b4a52f7d6e23";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}(document,"script", "exco-player"));The post The Thrill: Pop-culture lessons, and reviving the theatre appeared first on Macleans.ca.
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