22 minutes | Dec 28th 2020

220 Goodbye 2020 and My Son Interviews Me

This crazy year, 2020, when everything about the world, and especially the world of travel, was turned on its head, is nearly over.  Phew - I think. Who knows, really, what 2021 will bring, but I think at least we're prepared to know that things are different, whereas this time last year we had not the faintest clue what lay ahead of us. In Episode 220 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast, the final episode for 2020, I give a summary of the good and the bad of the year - and on balance, it wasn't such a bad year - as surprising as that sounds, coming from a travel podcaster.  And then to finish the year, my ten-year-old son has come up with a list of questions and interviewed me about my travels and thoughts. Hope you enjoy it! Above all: thanks to everyone involved in making The Thoughtful Travel Podcast the most fun thing I do - thanks to the listeners, the guests, the members of the Thoughtful Travellers Facebook group, the Book Club members, the journalists who've mentioned the podcast in various cool places during 2020, basically, everyone!See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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