45 minutes | May 29th 2020

3 Remote Teaching STEM Projects; TikTok, Minecraft, & eBay

I got all these ideas from other educators on social media.  In this episode, I take time to reflect on these three projects.  I talk specifically about:

  • how I had students create a TikTok as their final math summative grade
  • my rubric for the TikTok project
  • reflections on what I would do differently with the TikTok project if I did it again
  • how I introduced the Rube Goldberg project for my robotics class
  • how I incorporated Minecraft in the planning process for their Rube Goldberg project
  • how we utilized our Zoom class time during the week they were working on the Rube Goldberg machine
  • how I structured the financial literacy project where students sold items on eBay
  • how one student made over $300 when he did the eBay project
  • a bonus 'virtual yearbook' project I did with my advisory students




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