85 minutes | Feb 26, 2021

I didn't get sat on by the Fel Reaver

On this show, Deme and Bricco chat to Dracoris, one of the hosts of LFR: A Casual Warcraft Podcast and discuss the recent Blizzconline news and how Dracoris got started in WoW in the recent BfA expansion. They also hint at the lore they will speculate about in the bonus show they went right into recording after this regularly scheduled programming. You can email the show onthethirdfactionshow@gmail.comYou can find all our links at www.thethirdfaction.comYou can review us on warcraftradio.com/directory You can find Dracoris on https://twitter.com/smitingtitanand LFR: A Casual Warcraft Podcast on https://twitter.com/LFRWoWCast 
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