58 minutes | Mar 31, 2021

35: Resources That Inspire Our Learning

35: Til Luchau and Whitney Lowe share their top resources for information and inspiration, both professionally and personally, letting us in on everything from their favorite podcasts, playlists, books, and apps, to how they recharge and find meaning in their work and in their lives.  Get the full transcript at Til or Whitney's sites! Resources and references discussed in this episode:  Mendeley   Zotero   PubMed   Sci-hub (note this URL often changes)   Concast (Conor Collins)  2 Massage Therapists and & Microphone (Canadian perspective)  Clinical Edge/Physio Edge (David Pope)   Physio Matters (Jack Chew)  Gait Guys   Google Scholar   ResearchGate   Wiggins: Understanding by Design  Christensen: Innovators’ Dilemma   Jarvis: A Company of One   Greg Lehman: Reconciling Biomechanics (online version)   Pat Metheny Group   Micheal Hedges   Indian Classical Music for Studying   Til Luchau on Spotify   Whitney Lowe’s site: AcademyOfClinicalMassage.com  Til Luchau’s site: Advanced-Trainings.com   Sponsor Offers:  Books of Discovery: save 15% by entering "thinking" at checkout on booksofdiscovery.com.  ABMP: save $24 on new membership at abmp.com/thinking.  Handspring Publishing: save 20% by entering “TTP” at checkout at handspringpublishing.com.  About Whitney Lowe  |  About Til Luchau  |  Email Us  (The Thinking Practitioner Podcast is intended for professional practitioners of manual and movement therapies: bodywork, massage therapy, structural integration, chiropractic, myofascial and myotherapy, orthopedic, sports massage, physical therapy, osteopathy, yoga, strength and conditioning, and similar professions. It is not medical or treatment advice.)
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