58 minutes | Mar 17, 2021

34: Thoracic Outlet Syndrome: What You Didn’t Know

34: Whitney Lowe and Til Luchau share trivia, tips, tests, and techniques for working with thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS), including some cool self-care methods for you and your clients. Find out why TOS is “one of the most controversial topics in musculoskeletal medicine,” and how Til and Whitney actually work with TOS symptoms in practice. Download the handout with detailed episode notes, techniques and tests from http://a-t.tv/ttp-tos/ Get the handout or get the full transcript at Til or Whitney's sites! Resources and references discussed in this episode: Download the handout for full references etc.: http://a-t.tv/ttp-tos/ Whitney Lowe’s site: AcademyOfClinicalMassage.com  Til Luchau’s site: Advanced-Trainings.com  Sponsor Offers:  Books of Discovery: save 15% by entering "thinking" at checkout on booksofdiscovery.com.  ABMP: save $24 on new membership at abmp.com/thinking.  Handspring Publishing: save 20% by entering “TTP” at checkout at handspringpublishing.com.  Episode image from an 3D tomography image by Hellerhoff (public domain image). About Whitney Lowe  |  About Til Luchau  |  Email Us  (The Thinking Practitioner Podcast is intended for professional practitioners of manual and movement therapies: bodywork, massage therapy, structural integration, chiropractic, myofascial and myotherapy, orthopedic, sports massage, physical therapy, osteopathy, yoga, strength and conditioning, and similar professions. It is not medical or treatment advice.)
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