25 minutes | Oct 20, 2019

62- Imposter Syndrome

In this episode we talk all about Imposter Syndrome, what it is, and how to overcome it. Topics include: What it is and how it presents. I list all the various symptoms you may feel if you're experiencing imposter syndrome. I tell a good long story about a decade of imposter syndrome that I dealt with. I use that story to highlight how this unfolds in real scenarios, of which I provided plenty of examples.  And I explain how it can show up in more than just the workplace. It shows up with new pursuits and endeavors, because before you can ever get good at anything, you have to be really bad at it first.  Then I go into the reality of what imposter syndrome is and where it comes from. It's a pattern of self-destructive thoughts that have no basis in or consideration of reality.  I explain how it's us that hold ourselves accountable to these impossible standards we make for ourselves. Standards that could never be met so we'll always fall short. And when everything we do is perceived as a failure then are we not failures ourselves? This gets at the heart of imposter syndrome. Then I explain how imposter syndrome can result in a chronic stress response, because you always have anxiety that the shoe is going to drop. This means you're always in fight-or-flight sympathetic nerve activation. The body can only keep that up for so long before things break down. Then we get into how to beat imposter syndrome and that starts with challenging your thoughts and reframing them. And I go over how exactly we do that.  And over time we use deliberate thought to override and reprogram automatic thought. Whether we believe it or not we reframe all our negative thoughts into neutral or positive one. And over time it gets internalized and our feelings change.  And in this weeks Call-to-Action we do exactly this. We write down our 5 most persistent thoughts that make us feel like imposters. Then for each of them we reframe them 3 different ways. I give some examples. And this is the way we overcome imposter syndrome.  Thanks for listening. Be sure to subscribe and leave a review and share it with someone who could benefit from this information. And be sure to follow me on Instagram @ThinkersApprentice
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