44 minutes | Oct 6, 2019

60- The Science of Fat Loss

In this episode we talk all about how and why we get fat as well as how we burn fat most effectively. Topics include: Some general biology of the human body and how it works on a cellular level and how hormone signaling works. We get introduced to a few of the major metabolic hormones: insulin, cortisol, leptin, and glucagon. We go over each and discuss the role they play in either getting fat or getting skinny. Then we talk about the way people get fat in the first place. And to do this we use the Standard American Diet, which applies to the majority of Americans and first worlders. We talk about the glucose rollercoaster and never ending onslaught of insulin in our diets and how that ruins our health over time. We talk about why so many people fail to lose weight when they don't take their hormones in account. It's a recipe for failure.  Then we talk about how to get skinny and how to master your hormones for effortless weight management.  The way we do this is by become fat-adapted and reducing our daily carbohydrate intake.  We do this over a 3 week period in order to let our bodies adjust slowly so that we don't initiate an onslaught of stress hormones that will ultimately work against us.  And after 3 weeks we get to where we need to be to be effortlessly losing weight while feeling great. We master our hormones. Then I give you a couple of tips to help you out during the transition and after.  And then in this week's Call-to-Action we go through this 3 week adaptation period and become fat-adapted. In doing so we begin to master our own hormones and reclaim our health and fitness.  Thanks for listening. Be sure to subscribe and leave a review and share it with someone who could benefit from this information. And be sure to follow me on Instagram @ThinkersApprentice
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