54 minutes | Mar 18th 2019

084: Tips & Hacks for Special Needs Ministry

It’s no secret that parenting is an emotional rollercoaster. One moment you’re beaming with pride over a job well done and the next you’re asking yourself how your darling angel turned into such a hooligan. For all the ups and downs of being a parent, families with special needs deal with all that and more. That’s why it’s important as ministry leaders that we find creative ways to make special needs families feel at home in our ministries. Today on The Pod, we’re joined by four leaders who have made it their mission to serve in a special needs context. They share the heart behind special needs ministry, tips and tricks for getting the resources you need, and a plan for recruiting and keeping the right volunteers. Whether you’re a leader looking to start or improve the special needs ministry in your church or a volunteer looking for ways to lean in, we know you’re going to get a lot out of this episode.       
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