50 minutes | Jan 21st 2019

080: Techniques for Getting the Best Out of Your Team

We’ve all heard the joke, “Ministry would be easy if not for the people.” We all have days that can feel frustrating or out of sync—like when you’re overwhelmed by your workload or those on your team aren’t speaking the same language. In those moments we wonder if it might be easier to just go at it alone. But the reality is we need more than just ourselves to accomplish the mission we’ve been given. In today’s conversations, we hear from Doug Fields and Amber Baker. With a combined 50-plus years of experience leading teams, they share the whys and hows for celebrating and empowering those you’ve been called to lead. Whether you lead a team of staff, volunteers, or students, these techniques will help you grow in your awareness of yourself as a leader, as well as those you’re working with every single day. Welcome to Episode 80 of the Think Orange Podcast.       
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