27 minutes | Jul 7, 2020

TTE 190: Running a Successful, Multi-Location Group Practice with John Dennis

  https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/therapistmarketing/190_TTE_190__Running_a_Successful_Multi-Location_Group_Practice_with_John_Dennis.mp3 Want to be notified when each episode gets released? Never miss another jam-packed episode of The Therapist Experience! Enter your info below and you’ll be emailed when the newest episode of the podcast is released: Name*Email* Are you a Brighter Vision customer?*YesNo jQuery(document).bind('gform_post_render', function(event, formId, currentPage){if(formId == 39) {} } );jQuery(document).bind('gform_post_conditional_logic', function(event, formId, fields, isInit){} ); jQuery(document).ready(function(){jQuery(document).trigger('gform_post_render', [39, 1]) } ); In this episode of the Therapist Experience, we chat with the host of On The Couch Podcast, and Co-owner and Chief Clinical Officer of Parenting & Family Solutions, John Dennis. John has over 15 years of experience working as a counselor. He specializes in both marriage and family counseling for individuals, couples, children, and adolescents, and in his work with couples, he is Level-2 trained in Gottman Counseling. Through his up-and-coming podcast, he has had numerous distinguished guests, including Dr. Christine Moutier (Psychiatrist and Chief Medical Officer of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention), Lori Gottlieb (NYT Best-Selling Author of Maybe You Should Talk To Someone), Joe Sanok (Host of the Practice of the Practice Podcast), and Mike Michalowicz (Best-Selling Author, former SBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year and former Small Business columnist for the Wall Street Journal).  His goal in life is to continue growing as a husband, father, and mental health warrior. Insight from the episode: It’s important to find the delicate balance point between counseling and marketing. Often it can feel as if marketing in this field is unethical, but it’s crucial to remember that it is a necessity, and finding the right balance between counseling and marketing should be a priority when running a private practice. Resources Mentioned: Psychology Today On The Couch Podcast The Gottman Institute Social Genie Profit First  Fix This Next Joe Sanok’s 28 Step Checklist Thanks to John for joining us this week. Until next time! The post TTE 190: Running a Successful, Multi-Location Group Practice with John Dennis appeared first on BrighterVision.com.
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