20 minutes | Sep 1st 2020

Fall Into Cash 2020: What’s in Store for Brighter Vision’s Biggest Event of the Year?

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Perry and Sam kick off our biggest Fall Into Cash ever with the first episode in our month-long podcast mini-series. 

During the entire month of September, Brighter Vision has partnered with the best consultants, companies, and thought leaders in mental health to bring you free giveaways and valuable content that will help you grow your practice and fall into more cash.

In this episode, Sam and Perry talk about the history and purpose of Fall Into Cash and highlight some of our most exciting giveaways and content that we have coming up this month.

Tune in this week to learn what lies ahead and how you can enter to win some awesome prizes, hear some helpful content, and grow your practice this fall.  

Click here to check out the entire Fall Into Cash content schedule, learn more, and enter all of the amazing giveaways. 

It’s Our Biggest Sale of the Year

For the month of September, receive $100 off any new website. To get started, simply click here and enter coupon code FIC2020.

If you’re thinking about signing up but have some questions before you do, we’d love to speak with you. Click here to schedule a time to speak with us.

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