32 minutes | May 1, 2021

Episode 44: Ten Final Helps toward Home

Episode blog post: Ten final helps toward home Podcast introduction: Yabo Obien Logo design: Jeff Lyons at Light & Story Original music: Makeup and Vanity Set Kindle version of Precious Remedies against Satan s Devices by John Hendryx at Monergism.com Text for Precious Remedies provided by GraceGems.org Welcome back to the Theodio Podcast. I’m your host, Dan Kassis. We’re walking though the book Precious Remedies against Satan’s Devices by Thomas Brooks. Along with a segment of our original audio production of the book, we provide commentary and fresh insight, bringing this work of classic theology to life for you. Well, this is it. It’s time to review the conclusion of Precious Remedies. I want you to imagine you’re about to leave on a long journey. As you hear the final boarding call, your loved one wraps you in a big hug and shares a few final words of encouragement. That’s exactly what you’re going to hear in this episode. The full conclusion is a bit longer than we’ll share today. If you’d like to have our complete original recording of the audiobook, sign up for our newsletter on the homepage at Theodio.com. All we need for now is your email address. Answer the confirmation email we’ll send you, and you’ll be good to go. You’ll be eligible for a special price on the audiobook as well as something extra we think you’ll appreciate. Look for our original recording of Precious Remedies sometime this summer. Final words Thomas Brooks has faithfully, firmly guided us through his precious remedies against Satan s devices. As any good pastor should do, he has taught, rebuked, and corrected us, training us up toward the righteousness we have in Christ. Along the way, we have discovered something critical during our studies. While Satan is the subject of this book and all the lessons it contains, Jesus is our object in their application. We have learned much about how to discover and avoid our enemy s schemes. But we have learned much more about our Lord and Savior, our truest of friends. Our goal, then, is not to dwell on our defeated foe, but to fix our eyes on our conquering King and receive the spiritual victory he won for us. As he concludes Precious Remedies, Brooks offers ten final helps to that end. These helps are not in order of importance or according to a plan. It’s not, “Do this first, then this.” Think of these as the last words you hear from a loved one as you head out the door on a trip. So let’s let Thomas Brooks speak to us one last time. Afterward, we’ll share some thoughts and observations from the Theodio blog. Conclusion Next time will be our final episode of season one of the Theodio Podcast. I’m going to share some personal discoveries and thoughts about the four years I’ve spent studying and writing about Precious Remedies. We’ll review my favorite quotations from the book – there are so many. And I’ll give you a look ahead to season 2. I’ve already begun recording the next original audiobook. And I can’t wait to share with you what’s coming next from Theodio. Until then, thank you again for joining us. Please come back next time as we reach our destination. The post Episode 44: Ten Final Helps toward Home appeared first on Theodio.
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