28 minutes | Apr 24, 2021

Episode 43: Know Your Enemy

Show notes Episode blog post: Six facts about the devil and his schemes Podcast introduction: Yabo Obien Logo design: Jeff Lyons at Light & Story Original music: Makeup and Vanity Set Kindle version of Precious Remedies against Satan s Devices by John Hendryx at Monergism.com Text for Precious Remedies provided by GraceGems.org Welcome back to the Theodio Podcast, I’m your host Dan Kassis. We’re walking though the book Precious Remedies against Satan’s Devices by Thomas Brooks. Along with a segment of our original audio production of the book, we provide commentary and fresh insight, bringing this work of classic theology to life for you. Only three episodes to go. Last time we shared all of chapter 7, in which Brooks taught us how to recognize and avoid false teachers. This time is our only episode on chapter 8. Our author pulls together all his thoughts, adds a few things more, and then puts us on course toward his conclusion. We won’t hear all of our original audiobook recording of chapter 8 here on the podcast. There’s another segment in which Brooks explains why we struggle against sin so much. So if you’d like to know when the full audio product releases, sign up for our newsletter on the homepage at Theodio.com. We’ll let you know when that happens. And just for providing your email address, you’ll be eligible for a special offer as well. This audiobook has been a long labor of love for us. We can’t wait to get it to you. Six facts about the devil and his schemes For seven chapters in Precious Remedies against Satan s Devices, Thomas Brooks lays out numerous facts about the devil, exposing our enemy s tactics against us. He explains how Satan lures us, discourages us, and emotionally wrecks us. We learn how the devil keeps unbelievers from coming to Christ, and how he uses false teachers to spread lies. And yet, despite the mountain of evidence the author provides, some readers may remain unconvinced of the necessity of these warnings. So, in his final chapter, Brooks offers the following six facts about the devil, to prevent objections. Having said all he has said, Brooks lays down counter-arguments against those who say these teachings are unnecessary. First, let’s hear from Brooks in his own words. Then we’ll break down those facts about the devil for you here in modern language. Conclusion As we look forward to concluding this season of the Theodio Podcast next time, I want to mention one thing I’ve learned studying this book. There is a lot to know and understand about our enemy. Sometimes our warfare against him can seem daunting, perhaps overwhelming. Yet Brooks never ceases to encourage us along the way. We are going to win this war. Our battle will conclude. Until then, our journey must be faithful and resolute. We have everything we need to be victorious. And as our next episode features the book’s conclusion, we’ll share more on that topic then. As always, we’re so glad you’ve continued on this journey with us. Please come back next time as we reach the end. The post Episode 43: Know Your Enemy appeared first on Theodio.
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