18 minutes | Apr 3, 2021

Episode 40: Does Jesus Really Want Me?

Show notes: Episode blog post: Come, ye sinners: Jesus is willing to save Podcast introduction: Yabo Obien Logo design: Jeff Lyons at Light & Story Original music: Makeup and Vanity Set Kindle version of Precious Remedies against Satan s Devices by John Hendryx at Monergism.com Text for Precious Remedies provided by GraceGems.org Welcome back to the Theodio Podcast, I’m your host Dan Kassis. We’re walking though the book Precious Remedies against Satan’s Devices by Thomas Brooks. Along with a segment of our original audio production of the book, we provide commentary and fresh insight, bringing this work of classic theology to life for you. This is the fourth of a five-part series on the devil’s tactics to discourage unbelievers from coming to Christ. Let’s review what we’ve learned so far: You can’t out-sin God’s love. You can’t become “worthy” of God’s love. It’s Christ’s worthiness to be the Savior that matters. There isn’t a certain amount of sorrow you must feel over your sins to repent of them. In this episode, we’re going to cover God’s willingness to save. Satan doesn t try to tell unbelievers that Jesus s is unable to save. That would be much easier to refute. Instead, the lie we focus on here, as with the one about our worthiness, is a personal attack against us. So it stings more, it hurts our pride, plunging us into a darker place of hopelessness. Too far gone? But is there a point at which a person sins so much, or so gravely, that Jesus would be unwilling to save them? Scriptures such as Romans 1 hint at this, in which we learn God gives over some sinners to the consequences of their rebellion. Ample instances in the Old Testament show God giving up on his wayward people, allowing other nations to conquer them. And yet his promise of restoration and return never wavers. For instance, Paul in 1 Corinthians mentions a church member whom he hands over to Satan for the destruction of his flesh because of ongoing unrepentance. But in that case, the person is a believer, and the stern punishment is to release their soul from a rebellious life. We could pick the Bible apart all day to find seeming occasions where God says, Enough. But here we need to roll the camera back and take in a broader view. When we do, everything in the story of Christ s life, death, and resurrection argues against this discouragement. In little more than a page of text in chapter six of Precious Remedies, Thomas Brooks assures readers through Jesus s life that the Lord is more than willing to save any and all who come to him. Brooks shows this truth in six ways. Conclusion If you have enjoyed the audio segments of Precious Remedies we share here, we think you’ll love having our full original audiobook. Sign up on the homepage at Theodio.com and we’ll let you know when it releases. And we think you’ll like the special offer that comes with it. All we need is your email address for now. Be sure to check your email for the confirmation we’ll send you. That’s all. We hope you’ll return to close out this five-part series with us next time. It’s the briefest audio segment in the entire podcast so far, so we’ll try to provide a little more insight. The Bible calls Christians “the elect,” and makes clear God grants mercy to whom he will grant mercy. So maybe you’re one of the others, the outcast, the unredeemed. What’s the point? Thomas Brooks deftly handles this argument with two brief truths. Find out what they are next time. Thanks for listening. The post Episode 40: Does Jesus Really Want Me? appeared first on Theodio.
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