56 minutes | Feb 6, 2021

Episode 32: Spiritual Warfare in the Trenches

In this episode An informative conversation about “boots on the ground” spiritual warfare from a modern pastoral context. It’s our first interview, with my friend Marty Duren. Show notes Spiritual warfare on Theodio Pastor Paul’s spiritual warfare toolbox: Blog | Podcast How a spiritual warrior fights sin: Blog | Podcast Marty Duren Uncommontary Podcast: Apple Podcasts | Blog | Twitter Marty’s personal Twitter account (a must-follow) The Generous Soul: An Introduction to Missional Giving Credits Podcast introduction: Yabo Obien Logo design: Jeff Lyons at Light & Story Original music: Makeup and Vanity Set Kindle version of Precious Remedies against Satan s Devices by John Hendryx at Monergism.com Text for Precious Remedies provided by GraceGems.org Featured photo credit: British Library on Unsplash Welcome back to the Theodio Podcast, I’m your host Dan Kassis. We’re walking though the book Precious Remedies against Satan’s Devices by Thomas Brooks. Along with a segment of our original audio production of the book, we provide commentary and fresh insight, bringing this work of classic theology to life for you. Recently we’ve been going through chapter 4 of Precious Remedies, looking at the ways our enemy attacks our emotions, trying to discourage us, doubt our salvation, and question God’s goodness and mercy. And we’ve returned to the subject of spiritual warfare, the battle for the mind. Last week we learned how a true spiritual warrior fight sin. We talked about the weapons of warfare and the path to victory. The blog post that accompanies that episode, as of right now, is the most popular on the Theodio website. Last week a reader was kind enough to leave a comment. Just two words: I agree. Well, we’re thankful you agree. And we hope you come back and read more. And I hope you also agree that sometimes it helps to hear another voice on a subject. Thomas Brooks’s biblical and pastoral wisdom are invaluable, of course. But I thought we could benefit from the wisdom of someone familiar with the battle for holiness in our own time. So I asked a friend of mine to join me on this episode of the Theodio Podcast. We hope you’ll enjoy and learn from this conversation, our first-ever interview on the show. Let’s listen now Conclusion I pray that Marty’s words were as much a blessing to you as they were to me. Make sure you check the show notes for this episode so you’ll know how to get in touch with him. Next time on the show, we return to chapter 4 of Precious Remedies. We’ll take a hard look at feelings. How important are emotions in spiritual life? Do they indicate our level of maturity? Should we depend on them to know how close we are to God? Many of us have questions in this area. And Thomas Brooks has answers for us. Please come back and join us again. The post Episode 32: Spiritual Warfare in the Trenches appeared first on Theodio.
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