61 minutes | Jun 1st 2020

Episode #19 - Thomas Budd

Thomas Budd was in the investment industry from 1981 to 2009 where he held various investment banking roles.  Mr. Budd’s last position was when he joined the partnership of Griffiths McBurney & Partners as President and took the Company public to form GMP Securities which is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.During his career Mr. Budd was involved in over 1000 financial deals, of which he was lead underwriter on over 480 and as lead financial advisor on over 600 mergers, take-overs and restructurings.Thomas Budd is a well-known community leader, philanthropist and founder of the Thomas Alan Budd Foundation.  Mr. Budd generously supports a variety of charitable organizations predominantly in his community of Kelowna.Mr. Budd has survived the tragic suicide of both his sons, Dillon and Payton Budd.  His painful loss has been the advent of a new journey and purpose – to share his story, to give people hope, and help get them through the hardest times in their lives by speaking out.   He is an advocate for awareness surrounding mental and emotional health issues and suicide prevention initiatives.Mr. Budd has embraced his community.  He is a leader, a listener and a speaker.  He strives to inspire others to do their best.  He is a passionate sports enthusiast, tennis player and car racer but most of all values the quality time he spends with his family and friends or people in need.  He is a man who chooses to make a difference in our community and around the world.Support the show (https://www.theofleury.life/contact-us)
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