78 minutes | Apr 17th 2020

Episode #14 - Shannon Miller

Theo and Shannon have a conversation about grief, the grieving process, coping mechanisms and how to overcome tragic experiences in life.Shannon is the proud mother of three amazing children - Nicky, Kaiti, and Josh. She is a traumatic grief survivor. Her world was completely shattered when her daughter, Kaiti, was brutally murdered in 2014. After realizing six months later, that she had a choice to either stay in the depths of her darkness and grief OR living this new life with purpose and joy, Shannon chose to LIVE! She honoured her grief and allowed herself to feel all the feelings that come with the pain and sorrow, and then began taking steps towards healing.Shannon is now a grief guide, a life coach, a passionate conversationalist and she coaches people as they walk through their darkness of their grief and learn to live life after loss. Shannon is an Inspirational Speaker and writer and is a co-author on the book ‘The Great Canadian Woman: She is Strong and Free’.www.conversationswithshannon.comFacebook: @conversationswithshannonSupport the show (https://www.theofleury.life/contact-us)
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