66 minutes | Jan 1, 2019

TA Podcast E5: Evermore Park

Evermore Theme Park

Our guests for this episode are the lead creative team for Evermore Park, a brand new theme park (or “experience park” as they call it) just opened outside of Salt Lake City Utah in late 2018. Josh Shipley (Evermore’s Chief Creative Officer) and Josh Steadman (Evermore’s Director of Show Design and Production) share their excitement and experience creating a highly-detailed themed entertainment innovation that is sure to change minds about what is possible with immersive environments.

Visit Evermore Park: www.evermore.com.

Follow our guests: Josh Shipley on twitter and instagram @shipleyland, and Josh Steadman on instagram @steadmanstyles

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Show hosts: Mel McGowan & Freddy Martin

Show design & production: Barry R. Hill

Theme music composed by Rob Watson, closing music by the Lost Dogs.

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