44 minutes | Mar 2nd 2018

Jack Cashill: Just Like Trayvon Martin, 17 Parkland Dead Sacrificed to Obama-Era Racialist Policy

Author and columnist Jack Cashill connects the dots between the Parkland Dead and Obama-era, race-based program designed to keep juvenile criminals from being incarcerted. Because OF COURSE RACIST! What You'll Learn by Listening What was the actual reason that the Parkland school shooter never being arrested despite dozens of interactions with law enforcement? Who did Harvey Weinstein vow to target during his "apology" for his disgusting sexual harassment, a scapegoat so bizarre that even his Hollywood peeps thought it was over the top? What's the real story behind Trayvon Martin and how he ended up killing George Zimmerman? Why is the corrupt media so determined to hide the truth about the "Promise Program?" How does Jack manage to be such a prolific writer? Why are their so many "conspiracies of concealment" v. "conspiracies of execution?" What's the end game in the current anti-2nd Amendment hysteria resulting from the Parkland FL school shooting?
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