52 minutes | Feb 23, 2019

Reaching a place you’ve never been before with Daniel Bruce Levin

Daniel Bruce Levin, an author, a human connection expert, and business leader that has guided government organizations and corporations, as well as individuals on how they treat others and themselves.  He walked away from an opportunity to run a household brand. Embarking on a hitchhiking journey around the world searching for happiness and inner peace, his quest developed as a fable, The Mosaic.  In this episode, Daniel Levin teaches us that Love allows you to get to a place you’ve never been before, discussing the spiral nature of life, the metaphysical nature of reality, moments of epic realization, using the one piece to discover the one peace, and the beautiful mosaic that connects us all.  WHAT IS YOUR STORY?  2 THINGS TO GET STARTED NOW! Constantly practice being kind to yourself- love yourself so you can love others Hold space for people to empty all of their pain and suffering into Sign up at www.teddhuff.com to be notified of upcoming contests, giveaways, and new episodes. Show Notes and other links from the show:  https://www.teddhuff.com/the-tedd-huff-show/15  
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