33 minutes | Aug 23, 2021

Where Forward-Thinking Manufacturers Invest Their Resources - Austin Ramirez, CEO of Husco

Austin Ramirez is an extremely successful CEO, leading Wisconsin-based manufacturer Husco. In addition, he has spent time as a White House Fellow under two US presidents, swam competitively at a national level, and co-founded a non-profit to revitalize democracy. In this episode, we talk about the priorities manufacturers should focus on as they lead their organizations into the future. This is excellent advice for industrial employers and for educators teaching the next generation of leaders. We discuss a number of keys to forward-thinking success, including:Why leaders should bring systems-level thinking into their strategiesHow manufacturers should pivot their products & services to adapt to an ever-changing marketHow to leverage Industry 4.0 technology in manufacturing3 core values every manufacturer should hire for and focus onWhy education is the driver for moving the region into the futureHow to leverage university partnerships to attract and retain great employeesWhy (and how) to invest in equitable education for all kids
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