26 minutes | Jul 28, 2021

Bridging the Education-Industry Gap - Dr. Bill Pink, President of Grand Rapids Community College

Our goal at the TechEd Podcast is to help bridge the gap between education and industry - to help these entities speak a common language, understand each other's needs and build collaborative partnerships.In part 2 of our conversation with Dr. Bill Pink, President of Grand Rapids Community College, we're talking all things workforce development. We tap into Dr. Pink's extensive knowledge and experience working on the industrial workforce training side of community colleges to help you understand what employers need, and how education can quickly respond and meet those needs.In this episode, we tackle some common workforce training topics, likeMichigan's 60 by 30 goal and the roles education and industry each play in achieving itStackable credentials and why they're so valuableThe one big mistake colleges make that turns away employers from working with themCross-sector competition for talent and how companies can attract studentsHow to make education more flexible for workforce training needsWhat GRCC is doing this fall to bridge the education-industry gap
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