26 minutes | Feb 12th 2019

EP3: Making the Case for Email Marketing for Nonprofits and Foundations

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On this episode, we make the case for email marketing for nonprofits and foundations. Email marketing is one of the best ways to connect directly with your audience. It’s extremely cost effective and it’s measurable! Forget the print newsletters or print event invitations (except in some cases, of course) and consider email marketing!

Email marketing is a direct line to your audience

  • Social media is less effective
  • Direct mail gets thrown in the trash

Email marketing is more cost effective

  • Is print worth the money?
    • Print: design + writing + printing + mailing service + postage = how much in donations?
    • Email: initial design template + writing = how much in donations?
  • Easy to segment your lists
  • Easy to update your email template (versus print changes)

Email marketing provides valuable analytics

  • There is so much you can track in email including:
    • Open rate
    • Clicks through
    • Time of day
    • Who exactly opened it
    • Number of unsubscribes and who unsubscribed
  • Use this data to make decisions about what content works and how often to send. This is an ongoing process.

Email marketing helps build a case for support

Think of your email efforts as building a case for support for your nonprofit or foundation on an ongoing basis. Think of email as starting a dialogue.


Cadence + Consistency

  • Create a cadence for email content
    • Example: Story > Program > Ask > Story
    • Keep your emails short. Do not make me scroll. Think one topic per email. IMAGE > A COUPLE PARAGRAPHS > CALL TO ACTION. This way you can test the content of the email too.
    • If you do go the route of email newsletter, it needs to be professionally designed, otherwise it can be visually overwhelming.
  • Create an editorial calendar
    • Process is everything. Planning and managing your content will help you run like a well-oiled machine.
  • Be consistent and get those emails out on a regular basis
  • Figure out how many emails per month you should send out. There is a fine line between engaging and overwhelming. You may need to test out frequency.

Grow Your List

Collect emails at events, on your website, wherever your nonprofit organization or foundation is represented.

Tool Recommendations:

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