12 minutes | Mar 10th 2021

Jordan Babineaux, former NFL player, Author, Entrepreneur and Business Coach

Jordan Babineaux, former NFL player turned entrepreneur and business coach, joins Rick this week. He helps people embrace change and pivot for growth — using their strengths to overcome adversity, staying motivated for the long run. Babineaux, a serial entrepreneur, shares his insights in his new book, PIVOT TO WIN. Topics include: • Why you should establish a personal “Ground Zero” with time to reflect on what’s important to you • Why you need to find people who will hold you accountable • What to do when you come up against a “no” • How to stay focused on what’s ahead, rather than be distracted by what’s in the rear view mirror * How to employ both a growth and service mindset By sharing his accomplishments, failures, and missteps in PIVOT TO WIN, Babineaux gives readers dozens of tools that they can apply to themselves. His book is the ultimate guide to success in life, sports, and business. Jordan Babineaux, author of PIVOT TO WIN, transitioned from nearly a decade playing in the NFL to become a sports broadcaster, entrepreneur, and business executive. He currently serves as the “voice” of the Seattle Seahawks on both television and radio, while also helping organizations, teams, and leaders navigate their pivots. Babineaux and his brother Jonathan, former defensive end for the Atlanta Falcons, founded a company that produced several filmed comedy specials as well as the movie Woman Thou Art Loosed. They also launched a specialized car service in Seattle and created the Babineaux Foundation, a nonprofit that gives back to their hometown of Port Arthur, Texas, and contributes to Lupus research. Jordan Babineaux holds a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from Southern Arkansas University and an MBA from Seattle University. He lives in Seattle with his wife and three children.
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