7 minutes | Feb 3rd 2021

Dr. Huma Haider, Brain Injuries, Including ones that Happen in Sports

Rick is joined by Dr. Huma Haider this week. Check out https://nationalbii.com/dr_haider/ for more. Every year more than 3 million people suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI). While those are the reported cases, it is estimated that the actual number is two-three times higher. A TBI occurs from the sudden jarring of the brain such as in a car wreck or fall. Dr. Haider answers the tough questions. When these events occur, the brain is rocked violently against the inside of the cranium, generating a shock wave that reverberates back through the brain severing valuable nerve fibers and rupturing sensitive neurons. Over ninety percent of those with a TBI receive a “mild” categorization. Those with “Mild” TBI suffer from a myriad of symptoms, not much different from those who have received a “Sever” categorization. The symptoms may include headaches, depression, dizziness, memory loss and many other symptoms. These symptoms may take days, weeks or months to manifest – which has also made it difficult to associate the cause of TBI with the symptoms. With “objective proof of injury” the millions of victims suffering from TBI will receive the coverage they require to treat permanent brain injuries. Topics: What are the most common causes of these injuries? Do you have tips on how to avoid them? Tell us your personal story. When and why did you start the National Brain Injury Institute? What is Diffusion Tensor Imaging? Why is this technology so important in diagnosing patients? Where can we find more information? More About Dr. Huma Haider: Raised in Pakistan, the single mother of two children, Huma left everything behind and moved to Chicago to complete her medical training. Her medical career led her to Houston where she founded the National Brain Injury Institute. She is pioneering a technique and protocol to activate a 20 year-old imaging technology called Diffusion Tensor Imaging. Now serving patients in all 50 US states, Dr. Huma Haider is a rare gem. She’s someone who genuinely cares for people who are suffering from this terrible injury. Dr. Huma Haider knows firsthand how devastating this can be. She lost her husband to a TBI and has devoted her life to the study of traumatic brain injuries.
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