80 minutes | Jul 23, 2018

Teachers Must be Storytellers! A guide to outstanding classroom practice with Emanuele Maccherini

Join your host James Simms in the studio with Emanuele Maccherini. Manu is a teacher of Latin, Greek and Classics and an expert in engaging young people to love the experience of the classroom. He uses storytelling, motivational techniques and the principle of authenticity to stimulate incredible effort and achievements in his learners. Manu is loved by his students and held in the highest esteem by everyone who comes into his class.Discussions revolve around the definition and behaviours of a teacher, the ways in which feelings of happiness and joy can be centralised in the learning experience, the importance of rediscovering the inner child and the consequences of using technology innapropriately in the learning cycle.Listen, download, subscribe and review our show!
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